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I AM Just Asking. Are Mediators/ADR Professionals Uncomfortable with Conflict Outside Their Conference Room?

In Brief: Where are my fellow Mediators/ADR Professionals? I expected to see/hear more from my colleagues hoping to uplift their communities as our country suffers from a deteriorated Law Enforcement & comUncomfortabl picmunity trust, ignorance, hate and violence. Why is it that when I ask established colleagues for their insight on addressing the current turmoil found with Law Enforcement-Community divides they give me the “I’m uncomfortable look”, they start to blink a lot and avoid eye contact, or they mumble “…they’re not my clients…” WOW!? I just shake my head and say “We don’t have clients. We service individuals, businesses, communities in varying stages of conflict and we help these participants through these difficult issues…”.

It is increasingly clear when the world is being turned upside down and communities are at odds, Mediators/ADR professionals should feel the duty to actively step-in and step-up by offering their conflict resolution skills and to assist with brainstorming solutions and peacebuilding. Are we not the Bridge-Builders of dialogue? Instigators of open honest/transparent communication? Encouragers of respectful cross-cultural, racial and religious background acceptance? Why are so many of my colleagues not comfortable with conflict outside of their conference room walls. I sometimes don’t get it. But then again, I guess for many, this is just a profession and not a calling.

For those who see themselves going beyond the conference room, being uncomfortable while creating an impact, and working on sustainable solutions, I would love to hear from you szamor@i-mediateconsulting.com

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