There is No Such Thing as a Simple Case…

The Stronger the Position the Greater Chance for Compromise…

No Business is To Small or Too Large To Have A Conflict Management Plan

Conflict Can Be Constructive, We’ll Help You Build Your Resolution

Two Mountains Will Never Meet, Two Men Will

Transforming Conflict into Resolution

Mission:  “Your Family, Your Decisions”. We pride ourselves in specializing in high-conflict families who are divorced, divorcing and/or learning to manage their family daily interactions.  We believe in assisting families by creating an atmosphere of respect, clearly identifying conflict issues, and creating a plan-of-action that will help with better communication and interaction.

Our philosophy is based on a Human Systemic theoretic approach and principles

Divorce and Family transition is HARD. It is especially difficult for the children who are always in the middle of family fighting and discourse.  Even though it feels natural to “fight” for your position and to fight for your rights, mediation offers an opportunity to better address the problems and better ease and address past relationship challenges. Mediation offers an opportunity for you to feel empowered to create your own destiny. The Mediators at i-Mediate Consulting, LLC (“i-MC”) are experts at resolution, experts at finding solutions and experts at assisting high conflict families.

Benefits of Family & Divorce Mediation

Compared to the traditional adversarial court process, mediation is:

– Less time consuming & Less expensive

– Less emotionally stressful

– Able to put the needs of the children/family first…

– Able to address emotional concerns (not just legal rights and positions)

– Able to allow participants to express all their opinions about an issue and the results they want in an informal setting

– Able to give you more control over the outcome of your dispute

– Able to provide a more fair outcome for both parties

Mediation is Appropriate When:

– It is hard to communicate with the other party

– There is a loss of respect and trust in the System

– Dealing with attorneys and Court proceedings has become overwhelming, time consuming and EXPENSIVE

– You are unrepresented and want better control of the outcome

– When there is an element of fear, force or intimidation

Is Mediation Right for My Client?

Mediation is Appropriate When:

– There is a need for strong creative negotiation efforts

– Your client is not realistic about their position

– There are communication problems with adverse counsel/party

– It is in the best interest of the client to resolve the issues in an informal manner

We know how to assist high conflict cases. And we know how to handle the following:

* Equitable Distribution                          * Parenting Plan

* Difficult Personalities                           * Child Support

* Prolonged Issues within the case

YOUR FAMILY, YOUR DECISION” – The power of the decision-making is yours. In other words, you decide what is best for your family situation, whether you have an attorney or not.  We do not believe in a “One Size Fits All” approach.

Pro-Se Divorce/Mediation does not limit attorney practice it compliments it.  Why? How?

* Provides clarity

* Further Defines Issues

* Provides a frame-work in which to communicate and litigate

*  Enables lawyers to better advocate for their clients by have a refined knowledge of the issue.