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“Addressing the Imbalance of Power in Mediation” (short)

As it appears in Legacy Magazine, an Independent Insert found in the Miami Herald and Sun Sentinel (May 5, 2017) Mediation/Arbitration:  An Alternative to Litigation: “Addressing the Imbalance of Power in Mediation” By Stanley Zamor   Power is perceived.  And when litigation opponents are engaged in negotiations, they tend to negotiate from their position of perceived […]

I AM Just Asking. Are Mediators/ADR Professionals Uncomfortable with Conflict Outside Their Conference Room?

In Brief: Where are my fellow Mediators/ADR Professionals? I expected to see/hear more from my colleagues hoping to uplift their communities as our country suffers from a deteriorated Law Enforcement & community trust, ignorance, hate and violence. Why is it that when I ask established colleagues for their insight on addressing the current turmoil found […]

The Promise of Mediation: Medical Malpractice and Litigation Made More Humane, It’s Possible

“When in the worst of circumstances, we can find the best in people…” This is a statement I use during mediations. Whether mediating between disputing companies or families, all disputes must have at least two people prepared to negotiate and address high emotional concerns. Similarly, when a patient is dealing with the perception of improper […]

Ethical/Moral Obligations of a Mediator: The Issue Regarding the Disbarred Attorney Participant…

So, our issues begins…. A Mediation was scheduled regarding a Circuit Civil matter. All of the noticed parties were present, the mediator, Plaintiff’s Counsel (“PC”),a Plaintiff’s corporate representative (“PR”) with “full authority” to settle, and the Defendant. Before commencing the mediation, the Defendant stated that they recently retained counsel, who will be filing notice of […]